In 1959, Mission Bell was started as a cabinet shop that focused primarily on cabinets for schools. As Leonard and Marjorie Scianna were growing their business, they were also growing their young family. Today, three of their sons, John, Mark and Gregg, carry on at Mission Bell.

In 2012, Mark Scianna recognized design trends in millwork moving toward Reclaimed Wood. He saw this as an opportunity for Mission Bell to better serve clients. Starting with the historic Hangar One Redwood, reclaimed from Moffett field in Mountain View, CA, sourcing Reclaimed and Salvaged Wood has become Mark's passion.

Now, the Reclaimed Wood Mission Bell acquires for cabinets and millwork is also available to be incorporated in both residential and commercial projects. These valued materials are distributed by Hardwoods Specialty Products anywhere in North America.

Family continues to be an important value in the Mission Bell culture. In addition to the Scianna family, the Mission Bell team includes many other families as well. We rely on each other, work together, and think of ourselves collectively as the Mission Bell family.

Please contact us at: reclaimedwood@missionbell.com