Refined Living
LEED Platinum Pending


San Francisco, CA


David Baker Architects


Mission Bell


Reclaimed San Francisco Train Depot Douglas Fir

Walnut Slab

What once was the San Francisco train depot at 801 Brannan Street has been transformed into the stunning 855 Brannan apartment complex. The train depot was built in 1906 and deconstructed in 2015, leaving behind beautiful old-growth structural Douglas Fir architectural timbers, which Mission Bell sourced. In collaboration with David Baker Architects and Balfour Beatty Construction, Mission Bell provided millwork and our Reclaimed San Francisco Train Depot Douglas Fir to reintegrate back into its original site.

Residents are warmly greeted in the garage by an impressive wall clad in Train Depot Douglas Fir with the 855 routed numbering. The wood also makes a distinguishing feature in the mail room, built into a mail sorting table and wood divider screens. In the town hall kitchen and lounge areas, the Train Depot Douglas Fir and a Walnut Slab are beautifully displayed in a kitchen island and feature walls.

Each amenities area has a piece of original San Francisco history embedded in it, bringing a warm energy to this space. It is a perfect new addition to this vibrant neighborhood.